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Goldman Sachs:

OpenBB-finance/OpenBBTerminal: Investment Research for Everyone, Anywhere.

enthought/pyql: Cython QuantLib wrappers:

vollib/vollib: Fundamentally a swig/python wrapper around Peter Jaeckel's lets_be_rational. lets_be_rational focuses exclusively on Black76, while Vollib extends this to add support for Black-Scholes and Black-Scholes-Merton.

jsmidt/QuantPy: A framework for quantitative finance In python.

alpha-miner/Finance-Python: python tools for Finance with the functionality of indicator calculation, business day calculation and so on.

pmorissette/ffn: ffn - a financial function library for Python

GriffinAustin/pynance: Lightweight Python library for assembling and analysing financial data

ynouri/pysabr: SABR model Python implementation

domokane/FinancePy: A Python Finance Library that focuses on the pricing and risk-management of Financial Derivatives, including fixed-income, equity, FX and credit derivatives.

goldmansachs/gs-quant: Python toolkit for quantitative finance

federicomariamassari/willowtree: Robust and flexible Python implementation of the willow tree lattice for derivatives pricing.

federicomariamassari/financial-engineering: Applications of Monte Carlo methods to financial engineering projects, in Python.

dbrojas/optlib: A library for financial options pricing written in Python.

google/tf-quant-finance: High-performance TensorFlow library for quantitative finance.

RomanMichaelPaolucci/Q-Fin: A Python library for mathematical finance

quantsbin/Quantsbin: Quantitative Finance tools